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Still don't believe it? Here is the video.

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Please don't redistribute this video. Instead, link back to this page. The videographer and I both put a lot of work into this (all be it, a few years apart). I'd like to track how often its downloaded.


Can I upload this to YouTube? No.
But... No.
Can I download this to my computer and keep it for ever? Sure
Can I transfer it to another one of my devices? Who do you think I am, the MPAA/RIAA? Of course.
Can I edit this video and redistribute the results? No, this work is NOT under the Creative Commons license,
Can I sell this video? No
Can I post this video on my web site? No; however, you can link to this page. (Note: if you are an angel, and have a fat data pipe, and would like to host it for me, please e-mail me off line @ webmaster at underwaterfootball period com - we'll talk)
Can I show it to my friends? On your own computer, sure.
I'm a TV station... can we make some kind of arrangement Yup. E-mail me off line @ webmaster at underwaterfootball period com.
Will you make another? Perhaps, time permitting.